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Tobacco Dock – Wapping


Wednesday 18 July 2012
Disused shopping centre Tobacco Dock is to host 2,500 extra military personnel drafted in to help provide security during the Olympics, the Ministry of Defence has announced (www.eastlondonadvertiser.co.uk July 2012).

So organised,
So looked-forward-to,
The Olympic Games,
In London.

Have you heard,
The word,
The Services deal with the absurd?
How daft can it be

If security
Is so compromised,
Our girls and boys
Can’t take their leave?

They’re on reprieve,
To guard us all,
[They’ll have a ball]
At the Olympic Games,

And we’ll feel safe …
In the arms of the Services.

Wapping Docks,
Tobacco Docks,
Guess what came in here?
Boats full of cheer.

Ships full of carcinogens.
The place has been unused for years,
[Save for Ashes to Ashes …
How appropriate.]

Converted to a shopping mall,
It didn’t work,
Closed in a pall,
Abandoned, deserted, guarded.

The locals say … make them welcome!
2,500 troops,
Army, Navy, RAF,
Plus volunteers from the Police, [thank goodness for them!]

Into a tip, an abandoned
Warehouse, sleeping in shops,
No blinds, no beds;
This week.

Celebrate them being here,
Give them a cheer!
They will do
What others couldn’t.

They will guard
What others wouldn’t.
They’ll look after us
For sure.

We’re safe with them
Our national gems,
There when others let us down,
[Unreliable G4S clowns].

Be thankful for our
Brave, adaptable,helpful,
National heroes.
Men and women: heroes.

So organised,
So looked-forward-to,
The Olympic Games
In London.

Polly Robinson © 2012


11 thoughts on “Tobacco Dock – Wapping

  1. Security snafus aside, this should prove an amazing event. Wish I could be part of it. 🙂


  2. Ha! Very fun interesting poem. You know, I live most of the time in NYC. It reminds me a bit of the years after 9/11 when we were constantly having troops bussed in – yes, they were there to make us feel safer, but the sight of all of them in camo and with automatic weapons bustling onto the subway was also a bit disconcerting! k.


    • Gosh, yes, disconcerting, it is, somewhat … to think of them being armed … I don’t know about that … feel rather sorry for them just now as they don’t have proper provision as of yet although everyone’s working hard on it – thankful, is, I guess, what we should be, that there is a large warehouse OK for occupation – thankful for sure that they’re coming in at the eleventh hour …

      All will be well, it will be wonderful, and we will be proud … can’t wait for the Olympics to start now! 🙂


  3. An olympian level of irony – gold medal.


  4. Hmmm! Gold medals and Golden Arches!


  5. Haha – great picture by the way, at the top. Yup, you all are up, you better keep us safe!
    Enjoyed thinking about the dock though…imagining it…



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