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After the Weekend


This is a double whammy in that it has been written for dVerse and Claudia’s 1 year celebration, Poetics, challenge, which was to write about something seen on a daily basis, and also to meet the rules for an Alfred Dorn Sonnet, one of the forms that K McGee wrote about this month.

After the Weekend

Open the door of shop and purchase news
Pay the grumpy man behind the counter
Now think about the coming working day
A minute or two on business reviews
Today’s not the day to have much banter
Smile wide, breathe deep, prepare to meet the fray
Open the door arrive at the workplace
Greet the others there with a happy face
Celebrating a win for the Sky Blues
Lots of Facebook gossip never ending
Everyone catches up with all the news
Cups of tea or mugs of coffee blending
The kettle’s there for all of us to use
And now talk turns to Tweets that are trending

Polly Robinson © 2012

Tweet Up


18 thoughts on “After the Weekend

  1. Very cool rhyme scheme – well done. k.


  2. ha…its funny how the way we get our news has changed…now we can know things in seconds and have reactions to it from around the world…form and opinion in a second, retweet it and someone will think it is news…and when it is time for work i def need the coffee…smiles.


  3. Feels like a Monday at the office, for sure – how deftly you use the rhyme bending the lines to fit the phrases – quite a sonnet, I’d say! Thanks for a really successful poem!


  4. ha nice..never heard about the Alfred Dorn Sonnet before but def. a cool form… and you def. capture the monday morning scene well


    • Ah, Claudia, I’d never heard of the Alfred Dorn Sonnet before K alerted me to it, you should see her list of 215 different forms … stunning!

      Thank you for your thoughts ~ smiles ~


  5. Good use of the form. which I’ve used as well and that’s my day!


    • Thanks for your thoughts John, glad you thought there was good use of form.

      Quite tricky when one first tries it, I must work harder on enjambment another time, methinks …


  6. flowing through the conversation of the day
    and the cups of tea and coffee =)


  7. Definitely a good commentary here on the importance of social media! So often the tweets are one of the forerunners that tell the tale!


  8. i enjoy the comfortability of this poem. it reads very smoothly and brings up specific feelings about work, day, etc…and especially the kettle, which brings us together. very nice one.


    • Mmmm, nice word ‘comfortability’, I guess if one is used to this sort of environment then one does feel comfortable with it …

      Many thanks for your comments Jane 🙂


  9. It always seems to be a grumpy man at the newsstand on Monday morning, doesn’t it? It’s great that you’re still purchasing a newspaper before diving into the world of Facebook and Twitter…


    • Thanks Julie ~ good to see you here ~ thanks for your thoughts.

      Yes, they are always grumpy 🙂 Online stuff seems much more positive, but there’s something to be said for seeing the true personalities of characters we meet face to face, perhaps …


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