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Lest we Forget


Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Neumarkt: elderly woman

Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Neumarkt: elderly woman (Photo credit: wwwuppertal)

She almost creeps out of the car
A happy, smiling, elderly woman,
Who lived through the second world war
As a nursing sister – in London.
Where has she been?
Just now, to a club,
For the elderly.
Five years ago she was
No friends to speak of,
Widowed ten years previously,
Health … debatable, mobility … poor;
Lonely, isolated,
Living with close relatives,
But alone.
So alone.

The club, when it came,
Was a new lease of life.
She changed overnight,
Became more
Sprightly, energetic, [well, sort of];
Alert, alive, living life anew,
Just a few mornings a week,
To talk with like-minded folk
Of the same generation.
Have a moan, a groan, a laugh,
At the expense of ‘the young ones’
[Who really are elderly themselves]
Did her a power of good.
See her now?  Get out of the car,
A happy, smiling, elderly woman
Who lived through the second world war.

Polly Robinson © 2012


12 thoughts on “Lest we Forget

  1. An excellent tribute, so many people who went through so much do not get enough respect these days.


  2. it’s so sad to see when the people that we owe so much get lonely when they’re older..so great she found a place where she can meet others, talk and share a bit of happiness…


    • So true Claudia, it seems to me that we need people of our own generation to talk to … shared experiences and all that … I have seen for myself that one’s whole personality can change with a little empathy from like-minded people. We owe that generation and probably the one before and after a real debt of gratitude, we try to make life easier …


  3. A lovely contrast – I love the lines

    Have a moan, a groan, a laugh,
    At the expense of ‘the young ones’
    [Who really are elderly themselves]

    My friend who is 70 refers to me as a young one and I’m nearly 50!!!

    Thank you this poem made me smile – and bought a few dear friends to mind 🙂


  4. I think the title “Lest We Forget” really puts the cherry on this one Polly.


  5. So enjoyed this Polly. It has that wonderful sense of hope, showing that one can be alone (so alone) and then find comfort in connection with like-minded people who understand. It also illustrates the plight of the elderly in our society … such a big issue. Your poetry is always a pleasure to read… welcoming and rhythmic! ~ 🙂 Much Love to you ~ Robyn


    • I should love other lonely elderly people to see this one, I think so many of them would find comfort in these groups. It is a big issue and one that goes largely, it would appear, ignored.

      So pleased that you like my poetry and thank you so much for commenting. You know I value your work too ~ Polly x


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