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Cleaning And Tidying


Woman cleaning toilets.

I’m having an ace time cleaning and tidying…singing ‘She Loves You’, as you do when you’re cleaning…started early this morning with the vacuuming, now onto putting stuff into the loft…ooh, ‘eck, they won’t like the sound of that much!  Not to worry, the house is looking gooooood 🙂  ‘Having a good time’ (Queen—Don’t Stop Me Now—1979)


5 thoughts on “Cleaning And Tidying

  1. Singing while cleaning or cooking… yes, that is the happy way to do it! ~ Lily


    • There is an ulterior motive … but I’ve failed to find that poem that I wrote in the 90s … hey- hey, the house is looking good! heh-heh 😉


    • Been in two lofts searching but still no trace of the elusive poem … not to worry, nice clean house as a by-product of the search – it was quite fun yodelling out of tune to Beatles songs 😉


  2. Cleaning is good for the soul– keeps us humble…


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