Writings and Witterings

Cleaning and Tidying


Woman cleaning toilets.

I’m having an ace time cleaning and tidying … singing ‘She Loves You’, as you do when you’re cleaning … started early this morning with the vacuuming, now onto putting stuff into the loft … ooh, ‘eck, the hub won’t like the sound of that much!Ā  Not to worry, the house is looking gooooood šŸ™‚Ā  ‘Having a good time’ (Queen ~ Don’t Stop Me Now ~ 1979)


5 thoughts on “Cleaning and Tidying

  1. Singing while cleaning or cooking… yes, that is the happy way to do it! ~ Lily


    • Been in two lofts searching but still no trace of the elusive poem … not to worry, nice clean house as a by-product of the search – it was quite fun yodelling out of tune to Beatles songs šŸ˜‰


  2. Cleaning is good for the soul– keeps us humble…


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