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Freshly laundered shirts and table linen on be...

Freshly laundered shirts and table linen on bed in miner’s home. U.S. Coal & Coke Company, Gary Mines, Gary, McDowell… – NARA – 540677 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We Write Poems have asked us this week to write about how the meaning of words changes, we are tasked with using the same word at the beginning and end of the poem with the meaning changing in between.  Here’s what I’ve done with it:



Crisp, fresh and white,

Laundered to perfection,

Bed linen, starched.

Lovely, lush, light

Linen softly shrouds him.

No starch. He’s gone.

As a young man, long since,

He met, married, the love of his life,

She now claims the insurance,

He made sure she’s



Polly Robinson © 2012

Shroud – From: http//www.burial-products.com


18 thoughts on “Covered

  1. Very clever concept. Well done. 🙂


  2. I agree, loved what your meaning changed into very unexpected!


  3. I think your got the prompt for the week covered…


  4. Concise, well done and a great twist on “covered”…great write.


  5. I can appreciate your poem. For a while my father was a mining engineer in a WV coal mine. The contrast of white linen to the everyday grime of the town we lived in is an inescapable memory that I choose never to forget. I really liked your use of ‘covered’ to respond to the prompt. This is excellent!


  6. Great write, and right to prompt. Nicely done.


  7. This made me smile. I never would have guessed where you were headed with the last “covered.” 🙂


  8. This moved from linen to insurance and refers to marriage. Great response to the prompt, Polly.


  9. Polly, this harks back to the days when the family washed and cared for the body of a loved one. The stark contrast with the white linen and death laying upon it… also, your first and last words, different meanings, both salient to the poem and very strong. I loved this! Amy http://sharplittlepencil.com/2012/08/07/rocket-ship-to-the-sun-trifecta/


    • Wow … thanks Amy … I always think linen, just the word, can evoke fragrances too … many differing fragrances depending on context …

      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂


  10. I liked this. I was scrolling down wondering how it was going to end and then boom! I’m fascinated how words change their meanings and what we can do to switch them about. This is really clever. I also liked Lovely, lush, light linen softly shrouds him. A great line.


  11. Thanks for taking time out to comment Garry, not always easy [I should be working right now, but saw your comment pop in and was curious 🙂 ]

    Glad you enjoyed it.


  12. Oh dear, this is clever, but not so clever as to make the underlying meaning trivial. Ugh. Well done. I also like your Mars post – so clever but straightforward – the way those guys talk. k.


  13. “L” alliteration, thank you, from Lindy Lee…


    • Mmmm … there’s something really satisfying about a bunch of alliterative words … but then, I would think that, wouldn’t I? heh-heh lol 😀

      Thanks for your thoughts Lindy.


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