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Mars Curiosity Zoom


A star-studded landing far far away on Mars by Curiosity.

Mars Curiosity Zoom

Curiosity checks herself out
Takes a self-portrait
Communicate, communicate, communicate.
She flicks back her hair
Listens to the least inspiring Beatles track
“Good Morning, Good Morning,”
[How boring, how boring],
The cock crows, the dog barks, the horse neighs, the lion roars,
Sounds of thunder: hooves, hounds bay, the hunter’s horn blares.
MARDI shows full-frame views from the rover’s NavCams.
They look at the rim of Gale Crater,
The Martian landscape they’ll view later,
Hotter than anticipated,
Warmer than evaluated.
Surface-optimised flight software boom,
SAM and DAN will be checked out soon.

Polly Robinson © 2012


14 thoughts on “Mars Curiosity Zoom

  1. And to think! Most people think the really important stuff that day was happening in London


  2. So GREAT Polly…The first lines really set the tone “Curiosity checks herself out / Takes a self-portrait”…:-D


  3. You really had fun with this Polly. I like

    [How boring, how boring],
    The cock crows, the dog barks, the horse neighs, the lion roars,


  4. As Irene says, looks like you were having fun. I do love those opening images.


  5. I love your perspective on this.


  6. Thanks for the links Polly – I actually haven’t heard that Beatles song before. And I grew up with them! Though they were a tad older than me 🙂 I understand some of the references in your own verse more clearly as well. I also have a link to share along with my verse: http://julesgemsandstuff.blogspot.com/2012/08/wwp-118-thinking-outside-of-box.html


    • heh-heh … I do think it’s one of the most boring Beatles songs … not well known, perhaps that’s why …

      Of course, they were much older than me (!)

      I guess you need to listen to the song to ‘get’ the references.

      I’m going to take a look at your post now 🙂 Thanks for your comments Jules.


  7. New knowledge for this reader, “stereo camera”. Mars & actually all the planets, intrigue the imagination…


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