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Mañana Seaside Days

Sally J. Blackmore asked the poets at her workshop to write an Anaphoric and Ekphrastic poem.  This picture, by British contemporary impressionist, Leslie Stones, transported me to a childhood holiday with the family.  Amazingly ~ do coincidences really happen? ~ Karin opened the dVerse pub doors and asked us to write about summer!

Searching the Rock Pools Leslie Stones []

Mañana Seaside Days

Seaside siblings and a crèche of cousins,
Deckchair damsels dashing hopes of dozens,
Countless crabby tickled toes a’paddling,
Rock pools ~ splash! ~ soft sands in sunlight dazzling,
Scabby shins sprawl sandily, stickily,
Toes touch, tease towel tents, torment trickily,
Lulling listening, laughs linger lacily,
Sunshine shimmers on sunhats racily,
Gulls’ wings sigh while seashells gleam and glitter,
Seaside sunny days hot, sparkling sitters,
Slosh, slosh shallows; shush shushing shingle hosts
Mañana seaside days at Cornish coast.

Polly Stretton © 2012

… and here is an audio of the original poem, especially for Claudia and Amy …