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What am I?


Like Final Bow, blogged last week, this is a Hutain: single verse ~ eight line ~ eight syllable ~ rhyme scheme: a b a b b c b c ~ it focuses on a single subject, exploring perspectives and elevating the subject

What am I?

See how it catches the light, clean,
Transparent, translucent, opaque,
Manmade cage, elegant pristine,
Endeavours to splash us awake.
Lather and bubbles, scents to make,
Essences to invigorate,
Bright and sparkling, dispelling aches,
Droplets and steam to stimulate.

Polly Robinson Β© 2012


9 thoughts on “What am I?

  1. Bubbles?????!!!! What are you????


  2. Bubbles in a bath…
    and I don’t mean the man made bubbles either πŸ˜‰


  3. Cozy bower, morning shower…


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