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Tortuous Tritina


Tortuous Tritina poetry form
Painful to pen, Ponsot‘s gem, the
Life you inadvertently sucked out of me

Odious oddball once only you’ll be for me
Enjambment moves you forward truly, the
Fact is, I shall not mourn you; I do not warm to your form

This restrained rant a descant to the
Tritina tickles the fancy in me
Conquered, set free, fly away, flee, formidable form

The tricky Tritina, not a favoured form for me

Polly Robinson © 2012

Written for dVerse ironically the link expired three hours before I was ready to post ~ heh-heh 🙂


10 thoughts on “Tortuous Tritina

  1. haha…you should see me nod… i’m not much of a form person either…i like the challenge every once and a while but hate the restrictions..smiles…glad you gave it a try though


  2. Polly–this was FUN!!!!!!


  3. Well, you don’t like the form, but you gave it a go and that’s to be admired.


  4. hahaha form itself is not easy for me i dont conform well or play within the lines….you left me with a big smiles….good job trying it out though….that is important…and fun…


  5. Cute twist on an awkward style!


  6. Nice work on the tritina…


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