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The Lecturer


The Lecturer

I don’t need you to lecture me
I don’t need you to hector me
I don’t need you to point out
The error of my ways.

I’m capable of thought myself
I too have learned my lessons
I detest your abject misery
Your supercilious nays.

You don’t know everything my dear
You don’t have dibs on knowledge
You cannot force your views on me
Hey, I too went to college!

You make folk feel uncomfortable
Because you don’t let go
You lecture, hector, make life hell
The one who always knows.

Polly Stretton Β© 2012


20 thoughts on “The Lecturer

  1. Very good. Sounds like a rubbish lecturer!


  2. I think we’ve all had experience with a “lecturer” like that in our lives.


  3. Yes, shame really, more to be pitied than blamed perhaps?


  4. oh–I know someone like this!


  5. I have a woman who is in this poem of yours
    I have never met her, but she is the lover of a very dear person I care very much about
    she seems to think I am interferring in her “fixing” him and that I need to stay away
    so she can work on their being happy…
    *sigh* I don’t understand people like tis, and I am so grateful
    for if I did, I would be like them…
    a great poem Polly….
    Take Care…


    • Ah, maryrose, there are some odd bods about ~ so sad

      Thank you for you thoughts and kind comments ~ you never know, one day …


  6. One who truly knows, would know how little he knows…


  7. Ooooh, there’s always one isn’t there… Made me wryly smile… πŸ˜‰


  8. Nobody likes a know-it-all nag; you scold him/her well in “The Lecturer”, my dear Polly…


  9. Oh I know a few people who fit this bill!


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