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Fab write-up by Gary about Parole Parlate last night ~ read all about it here …


Parole Parlate will always have a special place in my affections. When I first ventured beyond the Birmingham conurbation poetry scene the organisers were friendly, warm and welcoming, both as an audience member and performer. Two years on that hasn’t changed. I arrived an hour and a quarter early expecting to have a pizza on my own, instead I was greeted with a table full of old friends, and soon to be new ones. It is an ideal setting, the downstairs Italian restaurant so suitable for preprandial chatter with literary minded folk, the upstairs a self contained private area with its own bar and toilets. The bill is always a smorgasbord ( to mix my culinary identities) of literary talent, this evening was no exception.

Lichfield Poet Ian Ward opened proceedings with a gentle, wistful set to ease us out of the summer holidays, neatly rounded off with Perfect Day

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  1. He called you a luminary! The only time that word was used in association with me would be if I was on fire!


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