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Parole Parlate ~ September 2012


A packed house enjoyed the poetry and prose performed at Parole Parlate with the headline double act from Amy Rainbow and Gary Longden.  Gary will be writing about everyone else on his blog, but I thought I’d add my two-penn’orth about Amy and Gary ~ if you haven’t yet seen their sparky poetry be sure to catch up with them soon!

Amy and Gary as The Imperfect Pair were the headline act and pièce de résistance at the September Parole Parlate at Little Venice in Worcester. The brickbats and banter between the two of them had everyone in hysterics, we can all identify with the sentiments that these two practiced poets invoke. Their two central pieces, ‘The man who wears tweed’ from Amy and the riposte, ‘The girl who wore floral prints’ from Gary, are funny, poignant, alliterative and well rhymed.

Next Parole Parlate is 4 October at Little Venice, a fab venue with a great atmosphere ~ do join us.  Then, a shared Worcestershire Literary Festival venture with 42 and Worcester Vigornia Rotary at Hillcrest ~ the Gothic Horror Halloween on 31 October ~  just ask for details


8 thoughts on “Parole Parlate ~ September 2012

  1. That was an awesome night, I’m sorry I had to leave early & missed the other performers; it was great.


  2. I really should get involved in things like this in Dublin. I know there are a few of them on.


    • I would recommend such events, Joe, we go to two in Worcester regularly, Parole Parlate and 42. They give a great opportunity to read your own work and get some feedback from like-minded people ~ and it’s always great to hear other people’s work be it poetry or prose. Have you never been to one?


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