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We Part


Double rainbow up above
Here I sit and weep with love
Sadness reigns within my heart
Just to think that we must part
I won’t see you smile again
You won’t read the words I pen
We won’t share a drink or two
No more laughter, raucous, true.
Yet in my head you will live
And to you I’ll always give
My respect and all my love
Double rainbow up above.

Polly Robinson © 2012


33 thoughts on “We Part

  1. Feels like a really personal piece and its linear structure feels just right, The double rainbow motif adds something intriguing and unusual and is thought provoking.


  2. Parting physically but staying together in your heart. A beautiful sentiment.


  3. The concept of rainbows as symbolism has always intrigued me; since the inference to the covenant promise of God in Genesis, to the modern interpretations as rainbows bridging the earth and a happier place. So with that I love how you employ the double rainbow here, causing the reader to pause and question: Why two and not just one? You have, in effect, created a poem that forces the reader to dig beyond the surface representation of sadness of loss, to find the joy of remembrance. Your rainbows, like a double edged sword, serve two purposes, to cut quickly, but with a compassionate precision that eases the pain.


  4. Double rainbows are intriguing K. and they are indisputably beautiful ~ breathtaking.

    Thank you for your thoughts and comments ~ valued as ever.


  5. Sadness, but with the hope and promise of not one–but a double–rainbow. Gorgeous and sad at the same time. Well done, Polly!


  6. That’s very sad… Though I like to think double rainbows reflect outwards forever.

    And my selfish writer’s soul went “Oh Polly, never leave MEEEEEE!!!!” 😉


  7. I would never wish to Holly ~ life is life 😉

    I’ll never leave you x (you don’t get rid of me so easily!) heh-heh …


  8. Lovely prose, and i love the double rainbow metaphor.


  9. Like the way the structure of the poem seems to reflect the double rainbow.


  10. Polly, Can sense the sadness – yet there is a solemn peace about it too…
    double rainbows ….🌈🌈 Much Love ~ R


  11. love the image and use of the double rainbow and its symbolism…but also feel for those we know we will no longer see again as well and the missed opportunities with them….


  12. A commemorative poem for the day. Love all your work. Thank you for your kind comments on mine. Congratulations on your poems in Nain Rouge. Honor to be there with you.


  13. Deep feelings sweetly written. I enjoyed this piece.


  14. Really nice piece. really nicely framed, and the emotions in between. Thanks


  15. Poignant and sublime 🙂


  16. A sad but accepting resolve to the inevitable; very well done poem…


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