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Nain Rouge—First Edition


A little while ago, the members of dVerse Poet’s Pub were invited to submit poems to Nain Rouge a start-up online publication showcasing urban life.  This invitation came during the celebration of the dVerse first year anniversary.  The assignment was to write a poem about city life.

Sadly, this link to Nain Rouge no longer takes you to the page, but you can see my poem at Morning Town Ride.  Great to see Gayle‘s superb poem about Boston as editor’s choice on the first page 🙂


18 thoughts on “Nain Rouge—First Edition

  1. Congratulations Polly! It was a nice poem.


  2. Beautiful poem, Polly!


  3. It’s finally here! You and I (and others too I hear…) are writing in exciting times of late it seems… Here’s to more success in the future! x


    • Thanks Carrie ~ any news yet?


      • No, but it’s still 3 days shy of the 15th, so I’m not expecting anything until then–or around then as although the book will come out on my publisher’s site, there may be a lag time before it reaches Amazon and Barnes and Noble. But thanks for asking. 🙂


  4. Aren’t you the sweetest to mention me and link my poem, Polly…thanks so much for that. I loved your poem the second time around as much as the first…remember when I went looking for the chosen poems to read? Wasn’t that fun to be put in a new magazine?


  5. Well done Polly! Great poem too, I relate very well to this from my own commuting experiences 🙂


    • Aw, thanks Cherry, how goes it with you?


      • I’m good thanks, not been writing much lately as life has gotten in the way but am researching a local “legend” at the moment with a view to turning it into a short story. Am also hoping to get some poems posted this week time allowing! Hope you’re well too 🙂


        • Good to see all is well with you, all fine here thanks ~ we all have times when life gets in the way ~ great to see you’re working on something local, hopefully you’ll be able to place it and receive dosh for your hard work (!)

          I’ll look forward to some posts from you ~ you’ve been missed 🙂


          • Thank you :-). Oooh some cash would be nice, I’m not sure if the town council would be best pleased with what I’ve got in mind, although they are currently riding high on the back of a scary film/true story coming out that is set in Pontefract so you never know 😉


  6. Fabulous! Fantastic to see it published – Congratulations!!!! 😀


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