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Flaxy Wings


Sprout wings, flaxy wings,
sparkling sunshine wings,
tensile gossamer
edged in forest green.
Fly from hilltop to
hilltop marking the
wayside stones and bones;
flit through dense trees, a
fresh damply morning
scent assails the nose;
dewdrops glint yet don’t
dampen toes, as we
skim archaic tracks.

Polly Stretton © 2012

Fairy wings

Fairy wings (Photo credit: kendiala)


16 thoughts on “Flaxy Wings

  1. I felt airborne for a while.


  2. Lovely!


  3. Lovely use of language, Polly. It evokes a strong sense of atmosphere and place. I was on Snowdon’s miner’s track for a while there! One tiny thing – I would have liked a different word from ‘marking’, but presumably the repetition is deliberate, so ignore me!


    • Thanks Lindsay and yes, deliberate … connotations of grave markers / hill direction markers / bones evoke battle campaigns / Malverns site of British Camp … so yes, deliberate, but not overstated, I hope 🙂


  4. Polly–well done! This has so many layers to it, it is deceptive in its simplicity. Love it!


  5. Like the movement in this very much Polly.


  6. Grand work – the moment and the place were vividly evoked.


  7. Free flowing and very appealing !


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