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David Bowie Eyes


I started a creative writing class today and will be starting the OU A215 soon.

It was great to meet new writing colleagues and tutor Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn.

Here’s the first thing to come out of the ‘short story’ class today, a character that appeared from nowhere when we were asked to think of a physical characteristic and write something in the third person.

David Bowie Eyes

Everyone knows Bowie has different coloured eyes … except he doesn’t. Like Jenni he took a knock and the pupil of one eye remained dilated.

Jenni fell off a swing, she staggered back to her feet and the swing hit her hard on her brow bone, jarred the eye and caused the damage.

‘Don’t worry about that,’ said the doctor to her mother, ‘no-one will notice it.’

His words haunt Jenni, she gazes into the mirror.


What sort of comment would you make about that?


8 thoughts on “David Bowie Eyes

  1. A nice somersault into a different shade.


  2. I’d like a bit more to this story – it feels incomplete.
    As a Bowie fan, let me add that apparently he can see fine out of the damaged eye, but in shades of brown. And that it was as a result of a fight with a love rival at school.


    • Thanks Marina, and you’re right of course 1) Bowie back story and 2) the piece is incomplete, it is just the first bit that came out of the writing workshop … watch this space 🙂


  3. ha yes..bowie with his different colored eyes…made him way special..i understand though that we usually don’t want to be special in a way that is beyond our control..


    • Thanks for the reply Claudia and apols for the delay in response, we’ve been overseas for a while and I’m just catching up ~ though I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up with everything, rather just start over ‘eh? 🙂


  4. You know, there is a character on a show called NCIS: Los Angeles, a woman who is fascinating. Seems like she has a double iris or a sort of rainbow or visual “echo” around her right eye. It’s distinctive and beautiful in its own right. The character trails, the physical traits that make us different are often those that the person him/herself bemoans. Bowie and other strong personalities capitalize on these things! Thanks, Polly. Amy


    • I must look out for that character Amy, we have NCIS over here but are way behind you guys with the episodes ~ interesting comment and thanks for it, I think you’re right 🙂


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