Writings and Witterings

Language – No Barrier


The birds
Sing the same song
Twitter along
The tweet highway
Brave at breaking day
Chirp and shrill, cheep and trill
Warbled opening hours
No barrier

Polly Robinson © 2012


18 thoughts on “Language – No Barrier

  1. Oh, I love it and have this incredible urge to Tweet you, so I am going to go with it 😉


  2. And some ‘tweeters’ tweet a little more loudly and often than others. 😉


  3. Big smile on my face, tweetie!


  4. I didn’t get this straight away, but then I felt like a big tit…. (sorry)


  5. The vast majority of tweeters seems ot be either peacocks obsessed with the sound of their own song, or just plain old dumb clucks!


  6. You obvious don’t know the Magpie maffia – their words drip threats as they wait, arms behind their backs, packing back and forth waiting for the morning tithes.


  7. Except when humans start translating/interpreting their song… Then it becomes ‘tweet, tweet’ in English, ‘cip-cirip’ in Romanian, ‘chioo-chioo’ in Greek, ‘piou-piou’ in French, ‘zwitsch’ in German and so on.


  8. Nice to remember what a real Tweet is! And truly, most “tweets” I’ve seen make far less sense than the birds;

    Your wordplay is infectious, Polly. I’m grinning, ear to ear. Birdsong is music to humankind, and a gift; birdsong to fellow flock is like avian blogging! Thanks so much, Polly. Peace, Amy


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