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Home again home again …


Hi all ~ back from a lovely break ~ hope my couple of posts amused you in my absence 🙂
I won’t say I’ll catch up with everyone ~ you’re all too productive for me to make up the time ~ but I’ll be back in ‘normal’ blogging mode as soon as I’ve dealt with all the *lovely* emails!


8 thoughts on “Home again home again …

  1. Thanks Susan 🙂


  2. Good to have you back.


  3. Polly, you’re back just in time for me to leave WI for California for two weeks!! I’m visiting my daughter, Riley; my Aunt Clare, my cuz Greggie (the one who helped me get to SoCal in the first place) and all sorts of wonderful old-days friends in Santa Monica, plus up to see my sisters-in-law, Sharon and her wife Linda. First vacation Lex and I have had in 14 years of marriage. Welcome home, babe. Amy


  4. Hi Polly! Good to ‘see’ you!


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