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Two-piece Travel


Bikini Beach Girl

Bikini Beach Girl (Photo credit: Wednesday Elf – Mountainside Crochet)

Each year, away,
On holiday
A two-piece
The solid ‘hold you in’
Swimming cossie
That she’s in,
To slim.

She always intends to wear,
To bare
Her midriff to the sun;
Forget the scars
‘No-one will notice you’
Her mum
Always said.
Yet …

Scar the young
And they
Don’t forget.
They cover,
Reside in
The knowledge,
They would notice.

Polly Robinson © 2012

Shared with dVerse Poets on OpenLinkNight67


24 thoughts on “Two-piece Travel

  1. That is a very true sentiment Polly. Nice piece!


  2. Maybe someday she’ll dare to don that two-piece once and for all. 🙂


  3. It’s very true and sad and you put it well Polly. We all have our tender spots and, no matter how nice those around us are, we know in our hearts what is and is not noticed by others. Wish there was an easy answer for situations like this.


  4. Wow–true, and so sad.


  5. Tis not just parents that can scar — the whole culture. I am wrestling with that both in myself and my culture as I raise my daughter now. Tough.


  6. i think it is unrelenting, the worry the young have for the body….but this spoke to me as well of scars perhaps given by the parents…not abuse but just in the way they talk…its pretty sickening the way some parents talk tot their kids on how they look…sad & madening


    • Totally agree Brian ~ some young parents scold and swear at their children in the high street, in the supermarket, just about anywhere it seems ~ so sad ~ and, as you say, maddening


  7. Very succinct and perspicacious. Well done. k.


  8. To me this poem speaks more of emotional scars that people leave on young children that are hidden away but lived with for the rest of their lives. I had a witch of a 5th grade teacher who I can see still and hear still. Her meanness had a lasting effect on me, but is not visible to anyone’s eyes and I seldom think about it. However, this poem brought her back in living color.


  9. some scars are just so deep that we think everyone can see them from afar…may they be physical or emotional….


  10. Runs deep, this one!


  11. These things do, Mohana ~ thanks for writing 🙂


  12. “Scar the young
    And they
    Don’t forget.”

    Isn’t that the truth? ….and they do indeed notice…great write here, you hit on a piece of the journey that really stings.


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