Writings and Witterings

Coral Terrorists


Walk on the coral
At your peril,
Sharp and cutting, destroyed
By tourists,
Not terrorists, tourists,
Who wish to see fish;
Another world of
Quiet, calm, coolth.


Polly Robinson © 2012


6 thoughts on “Coral Terrorists

  1. so sad. The ruined coral must still have a savaged beauty.


  2. It does Susan, and, in fairness, it’s not only the tourists (of which I am one, so some irony in this poem) but also the commercial decisions of the hotels etc that’s does the damage ~ there’s another poem to come about water sports, again, heavy with irony as so many of us seek excitement and thrills when we visit other lands … it’s all such a fine balance and I’m sad we’re destroying so much natural beauty …


  3. i’ve seen a documentation lately about the corals at the great barrier riff … so sad…we really need to respect nature more..


  4. Never seen that word coolth–but it is very suggestive here–I think of weird sea creatures–coelinths? Dsomethin like that. K. On iPad sorry


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