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Smooth Dome Travelling Hat


A hat that’s been to
Australia, Greece, Turkey,
Egypt, everywhere they
snorkelled and dived
and slept on deck
beneath starry skies;
it saved her hair from tangles.
A smooth dome for the mask
to fit snugly rather than tangle
Taken for granted.

Now she has her own
smooth dome,
few, her journeys elsewhere.
A fashionista,
the hat covers and
cloaks the curiosity of folks,
yet flags the disease
for all to see.

Polly Stretton © 2012


16 thoughts on “Smooth Dome Travelling Hat

  1. Interesting image there Polly. Very good sentiment.


  2. cloaks and reveals at the same time – sadness nicely formulated


  3. Great story telling, Polly. Poignant and delivered with a tidy rhythmic flow.


  4. Polly–strong and sad. The uses of a cap to control and then conceal. Well done.


  5. Sad how the hat becomes something she feels marks her out, rather than an emblem of freedom.
    Nice poem. I like the way it doesn’t over-tell, rather just gives hints.


  6. There’s hat and there’s haircuts…


  7. makes me want to run loving hands over her smooth dome hat


  8. so tough…brought tears to my eyes polly..she, who loved to travel and be in control of things now “controlled” and restricted by a sickness… we can take nothing for granted..that much is sure


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