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Here is a poem especially written and performed for my book launch of Girl’s Got Rhythm by Catherine Crosswell—it raised many a smile 🙂


By Catherine Crosswell

Miss Polly
had a dolly
with a lolly
and a brolly
she did walk her border collie
with best friends Molly and Holly.
They did find a wayward trolley
and by golly it was jolly
so they decided all to climb inside
there were no brakes to end their folly
and after a kerb to kerb volley
all sadly ended up in a ditch
feeling oh so melancholy
But mainly massive Wallies.

Catherine Crosswell © 2012


21 thoughts on “Pollyfilla

  1. You’re not a wally! You had a perfectly good reason to be in that trolly! Don’t let anybody tell you different.


  2. Not just a filler, neatly constructed, a real killer.


  3. How poetic, Mr Szpuk lol 🙂


  4. Oh, this was so much fun on the night – just a little worried you might put me in a shopping trolley now though! 😉


  5. such a fun write…love your sense of humor..


  6. Thanks for posting my crazy tribute 😉
    Your book launch was fab 🙂


    • Cool—ove your tribute—such fun—thank you

      It was so great you were at the launch and read your fab poems—cool (see what I did there?)


  7. Hahaha Fantastic!!! 🙂


    • Thanks Alex. And many, many thanks for your reveiw of Girl’s Got Rhythm on Amazon—how very kind of you—glad you’ve enjoyed it 🙂


      • You are more than welcome!! It is an excellent book – I still keep picking it up and reading various poems again and again!

        Just a note… I first bought it on my kindle and then bought the book!! Just to let you know on a few pages in the book the printing is quite feint – almost as though the cartridge was running low – hoping it’s not a flaw in all of your books. Just thought I’d let you know.



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