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We Will Travel Together, November


We will travel together, November,
to a solitary place, alone,
serendipity we’ll remember,
as we take the long journey home.
There’ll be time to put pen to paper,
to reflect on rhythm and rhyme,
to key and tone developing thoughts,
to edit words so fine.
There’ll be time to sit and relax,
to do simply nothing at all,
pile wild words up
on November racks,
while poetry holds us in thrall.

Polly Stretton © 2012


Worcester Cathedral in the Autumn – photo by Polly Stretton © 2012



33 thoughts on “We Will Travel Together, November

  1. Beautiful shots and poem.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. “There’ll be time to sit and relax,
    To do simply nothing at all,”—Oh, good. Can you see to it that I get some of that, too? 😉

    Lovely piece!


  3. Polly, this is just perfect. Love the travelling with November all the way to the close.


  4. Ok, after reading this (and viewing Geoff’s lovely photos), I’m getting excited again! 🙂


  5. I will travel too, it is posts like these, Polly that stroke the wings on my feet


  6. Pile wild weasel words up
    On November racks…love this…love when there’s time to really breathe poetry…and what better time than in november…long dark evenings…a warm fire…sigh…


    • Ah, it’s a good time of year, I love November.

      Thanks for your thoughts on my November poem, Claudia ~ can’t wait for your next poem to find out where you are 🙂 x


  7. Hi Polly – a lovely poem with a beautiful cadence. Did you hook this up to dVerse? It’s not exactly a “truce” and yet certainly a remembrance and a kind of truce with all that needs to be put aside a moment. Anyway, I didn’t see your link there. k.


    • Hi k, I hadn’t linked it up with dVerse as it’s not intended as an armistice poem but is more about anticipating remembering.

      Things are a tad hectic here just now as I’m about to go away for a week’s residential on form in poetry ~ I’m looking forward to it 🙂

      Thanks for your comments ~ great prompt btw 🙂


  8. smiles…wild weasel words …love that…and when the words get a little wild…you make november sound peaceful…the rhythm of your words only adds to that feel…hope you have fun on that trip…and enjoy the journey…smiles.


  9. Ah, a fun vacation plans in the works — it seems. Must be no children with you on this one. Ahhhhh. And a writing partners — wow, I’ve never had one of those. What a luxury


    • Sabio, you’re right ~ no children (!) ~ it will be a fun vacation ~ but a working vacation too. We’re studying form in poetry with experts on the topic for nearly a week ~ aren’t we lucky? 🙂

      Love your description of a ‘writing partner’ ~ a luxury for sure 🙂

      Many thanks for your comments ~ good to see you visiting again.


  10. I think there is peace in this…maybe the truce element from allowing ourself to do nothing but write and soak up the words….maybe a truce for a time with day to day life….


    • What an observation you make, Stu. Peace can be seen … as we declare a truce and say ‘no outside influences will interfere’ with a special time.

      Thank you for your comments ~ most appreciated.


  11. Truce indeed. But not all travelled home. Not all should have gone. We have peace and writing time due to the sacrifices of many, playing out the follies of a few.


  12. Pile wild weasel words up/On November racks… this sounds like a time worth anticipating. As far as honoring those who have fought for country and home, I honor them, but I do not believe our world is better for any war. Long story, but it’s more about profits made by old white men than it ever is a threat to our way of life; after all, Americans sold untold amounts of armaments and equipment to Hitler while he was punishing Europe. Only after our country was threatened did the selfsame manufacturers turn around and get richer off the American government. But that’ just me. And it in no way takes away the respect and honor I accord those who have actually been in the line of fire. It’s the military/industrial complex I have problems with. Peace, Amy


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