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Tweety Acrobat


‘T·see, t·see, t·see,’
with his blue cap
and proud yellow chest,
on his back
a bright green vest,
upside down
on round bird feeder
—acrobatic little tweeter—
parus caeruleus,
twelve eggs per brood.
Itty-bitty caterpillars,
staple food.

Polly Stretton © 2012

Blue Tit


19 thoughts on “Tweety Acrobat

  1. I love those little guys. They always bring a little extra to a winter’s garden scene!


  2. They have no plan, they’re just winging it.


  3. Such sweet little tweets!
    O> <—it's meant to be a bird :/


  4. Adorable. Given my name . . . I love all things birds.


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  6. Blue & yellow go well together on this itty-bitty fellow; cheery poem; thank you…


  7. Polly, this made me grin ear to ear, honestly. At first (OK, I know I need my meds), I was literally thinking, “Who on earth would dress a bird up in clothing?” Took a second to reorient to Planet Earth and realize that, in birding, sometimes and cap is… just a cap! Very sweet stuff, charming. Amy


  8. Aw! LOVE this 😉 Made me smile 😀


  9. I ❤ the photograph! 😀


  10. See this to be proud of yourself:

    This is how exactly you portray the little friends! Am safely back in Switz after a great week – many thanks to you in particular.


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