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Girl’s Got Rhythm


Girl’s Got Rhythm—a lovely gift 🙂

Find your favourite poems in this, my first poetry collection. Six-foot-four Sunflower, Mother of Pearl, He Drinks Blood—something for everyone.

Available on Kindle—and on the Black Pear Press website.

GGR BPP Front Cover - Stretton


9 thoughts on “Girl’s Got Rhythm

  1. Lulu works in the UK and Ireland too. That’s where I got mine from!


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  3. Ordered my hard copy as soon as you announced, hot off the press. Curled up and devoured it in one evening 😉 What a treat! Definitely a wonderful Christmas gift. I didn’t know about the book of poems for kids. Congrats and I love the cover. I’ll check it out 😀


  4. I didn’t know you are published! Did I? How cool is that!


  5. I’ve just downloaded the one for kids and look forward to sharing it with my boys!


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