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Totleigh Barton Photos


Here are some photos of the glorious autumn colours around Totleigh Barton, Devon. I’m just back from five days studying form in poetry with Mimi Khalvati and Sean O’Brien at Arvon. We had a great time. Lots of learning about meter, rhyme and other poetic things. Plus ‘cooks and bottle-washers’ for one afternoon only. It was a pleasure to cook great local food, in the company of some talented poets, supported by the Arvon team. Now saving my pennies to do it again some day 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Totleigh Barton Photos

  1. Lovely photies, thanks. AND I just bought both your books on ama for kindle – not that you ever mentioned that that was possible. Too modest, I say! (Incidentally: How do you get an author to put a dedication in an electronic book. Now there’s a rub, ey?) Anyway, I hope that the pennies for the books help towards a next Arvon course – anybody there will profit from your presence.


  2. Aw, you are a charmer! Thank you.

    Here’s how you put a dedication in an electronic book, at least, here are some FAQs about it at Authorgraph: http://www.authorgraph.com/books/new

    Have you gone into print or e-book yet, Roland?

    Thank you again.



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