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Worcestershire Beauty

We sometimes underestimate the local beauty that surrounds us—let’s take the time to look.

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All photos by me 🙂

This poem fits  the photos.

Autumn Sonnet

Winter comes stealthing… it’s 5am dark,
silent and chilly; August hangs her head.
A wet summer trails to an autumn, stark,
the seasons have become confused, misled.
In light’ning sky sunless clouds leer,
pensive garden, still, holds its breath,
a blowsy brash overblown garb this year,
scents of autumn in a whispered caress.
Look! The birds still want to wake earlier.
Rising sun shifts the dark then wakes us;
dew-laden day assists the courtier
who with the sovereign sun will shake us,

Polly Stretton © 2012