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Worcestershire Beauty


We sometimes underestimate the local beauty that surrounds us—let’s take the time to look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos by me 🙂

This poem fits  the photos.

Autumn Sonnet

Winter comes stealthing… it’s 5am dark,
silent and chilly; August hangs her head.
A wet summer trails to an autumn, stark,
the seasons have become confused, misled.
In light’ning sky sunless clouds leer,
pensive garden, still, holds its breath,
a blowsy brash overblown garb this year,
scents of autumn in a whispered caress.
Look! The birds still want to wake earlier.
Rising sun shifts the dark then wakes us;
dew-laden day assists the courtier
who with the sovereign sun will shake us,

Polly Stretton © 2012



25 thoughts on “Worcestershire Beauty

  1. More Pantoums I see. Excellent photos too.


  2. Beautiful pictures – hope you haven’t been flooded in your part of the world!


    • Worcestershire is severely flooded, Marina, and it’s not at full flood yet. They say that will happen tomorrow.

      We are fortunate to live on one of the highest points just outside Worcester, so are not under threat, but many of our friends have had their houses flooded in the past.

      We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t get as bad as it was in 2007.


  3. More “Adventures In Form” – and lovely pics to match.


  4. Sovereign sun. Lovely. Just lovely. And, I love photos of roads leading us to the unknown.


  5. Fall was so gorgeous for us in Ohio this year. Now, however, it’s clear that winter will soon be here. I put up with the winters because I love the falls, but sometimes, in cold and snowy January, it’s easy to forget why I like to live here. 😉


    • We’re in the midst of flooding—they’re supposed to peak today—so many with flooded homes despite the barriers —so, yes, completely understand your comment re ‘easy to forget’

      Thanks, Carrie


  6. Liked both “Dawn” & “Autumn Sonnet”; pictures quite lovely…


  7. Another lovely pantoum.


  8. Beautiful poem to match beautiful photographs – indeed autumn mists and mellow fruitfulness…


  9. Gorgious — local photo slideshow and the poem. Very nice.


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