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From The Dark Side


Claudia is tending bar at the dVerse Open Link Night tonight and said ‘Two of my fave authors are C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien who created fantasy worlds.’  Both of these fine writers loved to walk the Malvern Hills. Go up there on a fine day and if you’re quieter than a fieldmouse creeping over the hillocks this is what you could see …

They steal babies, issue changelings,
Whisk the breath from the weak and the dying,
Suck on columbine, nectar, wine,
Live in dark drear hedges divine,
Worry farmers, worry swine,
Worry sheep and creatures bovine.
With their green-stained teeth,
Sharp, pinlike, pointy,
Bright waxed blond hair
That stands up dainty,
Knuckled hands and flaked skin fingers,
Thin, spiked nails like chiselled razors,
Fine and faintly whiskered chins,
Spite in faces, malevolent eyes,
Nothing can stop them, they’re from the dark side.

Polly Stretton © 2012

24 thoughts on “From The Dark Side

  1. Oooo…. I don’t like the sound of these fairies… mine are more like Tinkerbell….haha
    Very dark and ominous… shooo go away,… hehe


  2. eeep….ha….love your verse…i am reading tolkein right now with my 10 year old…loving reliving it with him….green stained teeth…..ack…smiles.


  3. Not the good fairies, I see


  4. Whew, these are certainly not the fairies one wants to tell children a bedtime story about! This poem gave me a few chills.


  5. Good one. Sounds about right too. You don’t want to mess wjth the little people I can tell you.


  6. oh my…those fairies seem to be of the darker kind for sure…smiles…thanks for taking us on a trip to those hills…must be an inspiring place


  7. No beauties here – the brownie variety me thinks – hiding scissors, stealing thread, taunting babies, and taunting dolls. Sounds like the Irish variety for sure! Very fun.


  8. nicely writ. you caused me a stir and a look-around.


  9. Oh I agree – I think you should add to their list of misdemeanors that they punch out milk teeth, just for fun!! Never trust a faerie!


    • heh-heh … great idea, Alex. They haven’t told me they do that yet, i.e. punch out milk teeth … we’ll have to wait and see 🙂


  10. Ugly little stinkers, aren’t they?


  11. Loving it. Poor Arthur Conan Doyle bought into the fairy nonesense in his later life — Perhaps when he went to fairy heaven he was surprised to find these critters to be the lords of that domain!


    • heh-heh, glad you like my faeries, Sabio. I have a copy of Conan Doyle’s fairy book ~ must get around to reading it sometime (!) 🙂


  12. That’s a beautiful poem Polly! Followed! 🙂



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