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The light in your eye,
blonde of your hair,
silent space where once you were,
tender mouth,
intense glance,
knowing this
the death of romance
and things that say ‘love.’

Polly Stretton © 2012

Stu asks us to today for poetics at dVerse to write about the things/people/moments/times we miss. This is my response to the prompt—great prompt, Stu.

29 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Polly, this has such tenderness and grace to it. Beautiful.


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  3. interesting piece…i like the little things you choose to point out….where you find’ i love’ perhaps in them….this could be read very sinister as well, ha…as if standing over one you just killed…


  4. This evokes so much feeling, Polly. It literally gives me shivers. An evocative write.


  5. Nostalgia can have a powerful effect.


  6. A clear memory of what was lost


  7. the death of romance…ah it’s sad when it dies and only the everyday is left…wonderfully penned polly..


  8. A very pretty poem, Polly. k.


  9. a short sharp emotional shock. The loss of love….maybe only the loss of a loved one competes in terms of pain thresholds. This is like a slap in the face from a jilted lover, which (rather strangely) i enjoyed!


  10. It was a good prompt, and your response to it is wonderful. In a few words you describe the longing felt when a loved one is gone. Nice.


  11. Oooh! Very romantic!


  12. Sure can relate to this one, Polly. Quick and curt…like someone slamming the door as they leave!


  13. That goes way, way down. Love it.


  14. ‘The silent space where once you were’
    This line is the jewel in the crown for me;
    beautiful, stunning poem.


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