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Review – A Flash of Fiction


My review of A Flash of Fiction on Amazon appeared last night. This is the Worcestershire Literary Festival‘s anthology edited by Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn. I thought you might like to read about it too 🙂 I’ve got some for Christmas gifts. It’s a great read. My friends will love it 🙂


Click on the image if you’d like to buy a copy.

Fabulous Flashers

Get with the programme ~ get onto some of the funkiest fiction around!

The most talented writers in and outside the UK entered the first Worcestershire Literary Festival Flash Fiction Competition in 2012.

This absolute stonker of an anthology is the result!

Why buy just one story, when you could have 48 selected offerings?

Winner, Amy Rainbow, was a double finalist. Her winning Flash ‘Father and Son’ is a heart-rending story, marvellous to mix emotions so quickly in such a brief tale.

Second prize went to Anna Cullum for `Jasmine and Wet Grass’ in which two cultures talk across a divide.

In third place Emily Pardo’s ‘Adagio’, music to our ears.

PW Bridgman’s ‘Ad Te Clamamus …’ is a brilliant exposition of Irish Catholic life and the relationship between a young couple and her family. Andy Kirk’s ‘Contract to Retire’ has a wonderful twist in the tale and ditto Alan Durham’s ‘At First Sight’.

Every Flash in this anthology has much to recommend it, from the creativity and imagination shown by the writers to the skills and techniques used to keep us engaged.

Recommended every step of the way ~ well done Editor Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn.


9 thoughts on “Review – A Flash of Fiction

  1. Are you in this Polly?


  2. nice..sounds like a book that i should check out…


  3. oh nice hit on this…will check it out…and just read your other post on 42 worchestire….what a cool event that must be…wish i was closer….smiles.


  4. Sounds fascinating. I will check it out. Thanks for the info~


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