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Winter Solstice—The Year Turns


The first version of this poem was written in 2012, here is an update for Winter Solstice 2022. Merry Yuletide all!1.stonehengeWinter Solstice–The Year Turns

The turning point is upon us.
Great Trilithon‘s smooth flat face
looks to winter sun
slanted light becomes stronger
days become longer
we celebrate rebirth

The sun stands
its shadow
barely changes
sun dials seem static
low in darkening skies
the darkest time

Eat drink carouse
slaughter cattle
quaff new-fermented wine
light candles
for the sun’s winter sleep

Cleanse the house of evil spirits
look at Loki’s mistletoe
an arrow in the heart
tears become berries
symbols of love
life returns
every ending
leads to beginnings
new beginnings

© Polly Stretton 2022

1 winter solstice


28 thoughts on “Winter Solstice—The Year Turns

  1. Oh the solstice is upon us! Time to go down to the local passage tomb, cover myself in woad, and sacrifice a goat, in a non-denominational kind of way.


  2. Nice Polly very nice


  3. OH Polly what a wonderful poem! If I smudge my house tonight will that be cleansing enough?


  4. Eat, drink, make love, carouse,
    Slaughter cattle, feast,
    Quaff the new-fermented wine…smiles… i would love if we would still make a feast…but usually…at least over passes unnoticed..thanks for this polly


    • It largely does over here, too, Claudia ~ but wouldn’t it be fun to reinstate it? I love the idea of it 🙂

      We’re planning a hill walk for Midsummer’s Eve next year, that’s the summer solstice ~ longest day ~ it will be fun ~ we’re going to walk to Midsummer Hill on the Malverns ~ fab ‘eh?


  5. Well, hopefully the world will not end with this solstice… 😉


  6. Oh, I love the poem, but the comments have me in stitches!


  7. Nice to read about Solstice – makes a refreshing change from all the Christmas poems around at the moment. 🙂


  8. Lovely to think of it in this way! k.


    • A most fascinating time, I think. The more you discover about solstices and the celebration surrounding them, the more intriguing they seem to be.

      Thanks for commenting k 🙂


  9. Lovely, Polly. 21st December is a particularly poignant day for me, and I like the feelings of solemnity and sadness, coupled with hope, in this. I especially like the second verse and the lines ‘Light the candles for/The sun’s winter sleep’. Beautiful picture too – how did you get the snow to fall?!


    • Delighted to see that you like my solstice poem, Lindsay, on your poignant day. There are so many around about Christmas and I think the winter solstice is very special.

      The snow falling is in WordPress ‘Setting’ on the Dashboard, you check a box in ‘General’ to say whether you want it to fall or not ~ I guess the default must be ‘not’ (!)


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