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Late Again


Specially for our blogging friends :)

Specially for our blogging friends 🙂

Late again, writing
The cards.
Each year, a donation to
‘Cos then you can send
Environmentally friendly,
Time-consuming yet
So worthwhile,
You feel you’ve done something
For your friends.

But family …
Auntie Edna, Auntie Fay,
Can’t receive eCards
Come what may.
They’re not

You go out and buy
Nice cards for the few,
Nice cards for those who
Are not in the loop
With technology.
Who don’t want to play
With ‘new-fangled gadgets’,
Who prefer the
Old ways.

And that’s OK.

In fact, it’s rather fab 🙂

Polly Robinson © 2012


12 thoughts on “Late Again

  1. Merry Christmas, Polly!


  2. Christmas cards are the one thing I didn’t get to this year. Hopefully my family will forgive me. And besides, I think they’ve accumulated enough school pics of my boys by now. How many awkward school photos does anyone need?

    Have a great Christmas, Polly!


    • You too, Carrie ~ and the family ~ bet the boys are relieved no more photos to be cooed over 🙂

      Wishing you the best of Christmases 🙂


      • I think the days of ‘cooing’ over their photos are long gone. That ends somewhere around the fabulous middle school years…


        • Ah … I remember it well … as a grandmother with one grandson of 18, who grins when I say ‘how dare you!’, I do recall that the cooing diminishes. There again, as a grandma, I still do my fair share of ‘cooing’ ~ love my family (love to embarrass them heh-heh) 🙂


  3. Aw, sweet. This poem made me think of my Gran the other week – she asked to have a look at my phone… bafflement ensued! And as you say it’s rather nice to be traditional for those who like it that way.


    • I often wonder what my mother would make of today’s world ~ she’s been gone a long time and never saw a mobile phone or even a computer … lovely that your gran was interested, Holly 🙂


  4. I must say I still have a soft spot for cards. I especially love the fact you can’t always tell who it’s from before you open it. Adds some spice to life I think!


  5. i love receiving the personal card with handwritten words and pictures. We send about 20 paper 🙂 cards and the rest are electronic. You, I agree, the old fashioned ones are rather fab!


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