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Bewildered Wilderness


only in Texas; Courtyard Marriott

Shout out for those not in the room, for whom
Others speak.
Chosen couriers – the loudest
Shout down gentle tones.
Velvet-voiced assassins
Canvass views, then
Those ‘in the know,’ breathless,
Await the mooted plan.
Isolation stands by, a
Lone voice in
The wilderness.
In the wilderness:
Beg, plea for those not
Present; for those
Ignorant of itineraries;
For those absent
From the picture.
Who will witness the
Harridan, the
Steamroller, blast
Things into place
Dissent and discontent strike with a
Serpent’s sticky tongue and
Suggest the rest
Go away.
Let those with
The deepest pockets,
Loudest voices
Have their say. Others
May leave.
Go. Go with the majority.

Polly Robinson © 2012

Karin Gustafson, aka Manicddaily is tending bar for dVerse poets today and asks us to write about The Poetics of Presents/ce ~ this poem considers presence and the absence of presence.


36 thoughts on “Bewildered Wilderness

  1. It can be sickening to see the way debate in many things can be dominated by vested interests.


  2. Love the ‘dissent and discontent’ line. Nice.


  3. Wow–strong and I so agree! Hey–I got your book yesterday, as a Christmas present to myself 😉


  4. oh heck..this is tightly penned..strong voice in this…i like


  5. Money rules Polly… The more rich people have, the more they want, so what if a few little innocents are killed along the way. The NRA are disgusting in the way they said, only thing better than a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. What a load of old tosh. Only thing better is to have no guns. Then, there would be mass slaughter what is happening now. Sickening thing is, now, people are buying guns like there’s no tomorrow in case they do manage to change the laws so, they already have theirs. Sad world we live in.


  6. This was a strong way to write on he prompt…beg and plea for those not present… do hope the New Year brings some good news that helps you all feel a little safer, terrific write. Wishing you and your family all the best for Christmas and New year 🙂


    • I sometimes wonder where the words come from … glad they meant something to you.

      Enjoy your Christmas and thank you for all your visits and comments this year 🙂


  7. I live in a hunting state. I was at a party last night where all voices were against, but 2 days earlier, at another party, all were for ownership.

    The majority can be very dangerous, and one person with an assault rifle can be deadly.

    harridan: A strict, bossy, or belligerent old woman
    I didn’t know that


    • So challenging trying to find consensus ~ wish I had answers, but as time goes on I have only more questions …

      There seems to always be a harridan.

      Thanks for your comments, Sabio.


  8. Love the harridan in the photo! I wish I had the answer too. I use to live in Pakistan where only the police and army had guns and they tortured their citizens. Then Zia-ul-Haq was out and armed religious fanatics ruled the day. Ya can’t win.

    When I was there, we were used by the CIA until we realized they use our info in ways we abhorred — it is all so messy.


  9. yes, if you have it use your voice…be the one voice in the wilderness….watched a interview the other day where a guy was so proud he owned 17 assault rifles…WTH for? having armed guards everywhere is scary, letting teachers pack guns in class is scary, (but Texas is allowing it now) so what happens when a kid gets ahold one of them? oy, i dunno


  10. We need to be that voice ~ find it more than a challenge to listen and see what’s going on ~ there seems to be a madness ~ we are not the only ones to see it …


  11. Yes indeed….to shout out for those not in the room, for those who will never be PRESENT in the room again. A timely write here.


  12. The meek will inherit nothing unless they stand up and start shouting !!! Long live the 99%


  13. Isn’t it sad that the loudest voice are the ones with money and influence ~ But you know one voice, even if a silent or dissenting one is just as important. Sometimes that voice will carry to other voices, and may change the course of a nation’s history ~

    Happy Holidays ~


  14. Hi Polly – Your picture wouldn’t come up, but very cool poem. It has an impassioned tone and your short lines give a kind of stridency (the good kind) – also love how velvet voice can also be drowning-out voice. k.


  15. Hmmm … wonder if it’s a copyright thing with the pic … I’ll change it. Sometimes a velvet voice can work ‘eh? 🙂 Nice prompt, k.


  16. Excellent poem, Polly! Also enjoyed reading the comments. You know where I stand 😉


  17. Haha, still laughing at the image of someone with “fire arms” sitting in a lounge. Sometimes the absent voices are even in the room; they’re just shouted down by a few loud mouths.


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