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I Had a Piano for Christmas


1.blue toy piano

They gave me a piano
pale blue, a baby grand.
I practised on it
ker plunk,
ker plink.
They said I was good
and suggested piano lessons.

Because they said I could, I took
piano lessons.
She was Scottish, the piano teacher,
she would make drop scones at the drop of a chord.
I wrote a piece, she played it.
It bore no resemblance
to what I believed I had written.

Polly Robinson © 2012


12 thoughts on “I Had a Piano for Christmas

  1. The piano is one instrument I wish I had been able to learn. Really enjoyed this. The scones sound delicious. Smiled when I saw that hers sounded nothing like you had written…


  2. Oops. Well, at least you gave it a shot. 🙂

    I played piano for years. Now my poor piano sits silent, so many other things competing for my time. Sigh.


  3. This could be a precursor to “First Love” – a few years earlier. And with a different piano teacher. I kinda like the idea of the piano and the playing being revisited at different stages in life….


  4. Aw … this is so sweet 😀 And I love that the piano was blue. Wow you really stirred a lot of piano lesson memories. I feel a short story coming on 😀

    Wishing a wonderful Christmas to all! And Peace on Earth. XXOO


  5. A blue piano…and dreams! What a great possibility!


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