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Winter Artistry In The Malverns


Frowsty ferns and frosted hay,
hints of darkening damp decay.
Dank smouldering fires,
smokey blue Shires.
A dog’s yap ricochets
across archaic

Buzzards ride, sway,
swoop on small prey.
Fanthorpe and Auden
write of Malvern
Hills echo poets
with Elgar’s discern-
ing ear.

Polly Robinson © 2012


24 thoughts on “Winter Artistry In The Malverns

  1. i liked the rhythm to this piece… it almost sang


  2. I agree with wolfsrosebud. Such a melodic rhythm to the piece. Lovely. 🙂


  3. Yes, this is a song, scaled in language. Just beautiful.


  4. So vivid, with beautiful sound also! k.


    • I performed this tonight for the first time, k. It seemed to go down well ~ though I must confess I find it hard to judge when I’m performing ~ I enjoyed reading it, though, which is always a plus 😀


  5. a sweet song that tells me I must read those guys ..thank you..and Happy New Year 😉


    • Aw, Katy, that’s a nice comment. Try ‘Night Mail’ by Auden and here’s a seasonal one, Reindeer Report, from U.A.Fanthorpe:

      Chimneys: colder.

      Flightpaths: busier.

      Driver: Christmas (F)

      Still baffled by postcodes.

      Children: more

      And stay up later.

      Presents: heavier.

      Pay: frozen.

      Mission in spite

      Of all this

      Accomplished –



  6. Love this Polly, it really captures the essence of those hills, and is song-like as others have said. ‘A dog’s yap ricochets’ is brilliant – it had me almost jumping out of my seat. I must got there soon, I haven’t been for many years


    • I love that the dog barking got you, Andy 🙂 If you make it down here, give us a shout, we could walk them thar hills ~ Happy New Year and many thanks for your support throughout the year.


      • Okay, I’ll put it on my list for 2013. Happy New Year to you too.
        Really appreciate all your support through this year, and the inspiration as far as the poetry is concerned.
        I’ve been caning it on twitter a lot lately, so have been a bit AWOL here on WordPress.


        • Ah, we all have times when we post less ~ this is my first full year on WordPress and the summer holidays I found really quiet ~ never mind ~ most come back when they’re ready, it seems … though I read something that said the average life of a blog is 4 months … can’t say my experience supports this, what about you?


          • It’s still evolving and maybe that’s how it should be, changing shape with the seasons as it were. To be fair, I almost gave it up a year or so ago, because I was struggling to get the right theme, but then I got a really enthusiastic response to Sliding on the Snow Stone on my About page, so that geared me up to sort it out, and I’m happy with it now. It goes to show how important interaction is.


  7. A very patriotic feel and so visual! I can hear Jerusalem playing in the background! Fabulous!


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