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Happy New Year ~ 2013


My very best wishes for the New Year ~ may it bring you all that you wish for ๐Ÿ™‚

iStock_000021293329MediumEvery New Yearโ€™s eve
We stand at the top of the lane,
We see and hear
The glittering City fireworks,
No scent of cordite mars or jars;
Sweet bright light
Sky lanterns
Swaying through the night.

This year no breath of snow
Whispers past,
No frost tweaks
At extremities,
The ceiling of the faithful City
Celebrates time.
We stand at the top of the lane
Sipping scented spiced hot wine.

Polly Robinson ยฉ 2012


14 thoughts on “Happy New Year ~ 2013

  1. Beautiful, Polly. Enjoy the mulled wine and happy new year!


  2. Happy New Year, Polly! What are cordite mars and jars?


  3. You’re clearly enjoying yourself at your party Robin ๐Ÿ™‚

    How much have you had to drink? Really? Already? Lamp shade’s looking most attractive.

    Cordite is a chemical in fireworks, so you can probably work out the rest ~ all the best for 2013 ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Happy New Year, Polly!


  5. Happy new year Polly. All the best!


  6. Thanks Polly !!! All the Best to you in 2013 !!!


  7. A sense of nostalgia overlooking the previous months. Happy New Year Polly!


  8. Hi Polly, that was me as Mr Anonymous, something went haywire there – user error I expect.


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