Writings and Witterings

Old Bony Face


Mumified male head. The face is partially cove...

The face, the face, old bony face,
The one that’s oh-so-hard to trace,
A ghoulish grinning gapped grimace,
Jaw-rattling laugh reverberates.

The hollowness of deathly gates
Close the year that passed away,
‘You won’t be rid of me,’ he said,
‘I live on in your memory.’

Polly Robinson Β© 2013


11 thoughts on “Old Bony Face

  1. hmm–does not bode well for the new year


  2. Given their frequent references to me being ‘old,’ I think that’s what I look like to my boys…


  3. Old bony face still has 3 hours to reign over here… HNY guys!


  4. Great rhythm here Polly, and a mischievous quality – good photo too.


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