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Boiled Sweets or Toffee


We were asked to do a quatrain in iambic pentameter at day school on Saturday. Here is my attempt.

We sit and write in class right here today
And might quite like to go and have some coffee.
We look and read some poems with much word play,
To sort out boiled sweets from bonfire toffee.

Polly Robinson © 2012

Hangover Drops

Polly Robinson © 2013

Home made seasonal confectionery with the mini...

Home made seasonal confectionery with the minimum of effort! Yay! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


20 thoughts on “Boiled Sweets or Toffee

  1. Boiled sweets always are for long journey (or eating in class)


  2. Love it!!! It’s got a nice flow! TOFFEE!!!


  3. What is this day school of which you speak?


  4. Mmmm bonfire toffee – alas my fillings are too delicate to handle such hard core sugary confectionery!


  5. A good effort Polly and this has potential. I feel it needs lifting somehow. Don’t ask me how!!


    • hahahahahahahahaha … OK, I won’t ask you how … 😀


      • I’m picking up a real sense of fatigue here which is not surprising considering how much you produce Polly. Keep em coming and I think that’s me done for tonight!


        • It’s strange really, Andy, I give my poetry lots of time and often have poems around for weeks / months / years before I consider them ready for publication. Yet when it comes to this ‘one a day every day for a month’ sort of stuff, I just can’t give it the same attention ~ which is weird in a way as small stones are supposed to get you to focus intently on one specific thing. Hey-ho. I like doing them, but can’t spend loads of time polishing the little darlings ~ think you’ll understand.

          There will be a love poem that has been waiting for years to be finished coming up shortly …


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