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Weasels and Turkey


The weasels missed the trad turkey last year,
Hung in a series of orange bags, one inside
Another inside another inside another,
From the step ladder in
The garage to
Keep cool for Christmas lunch;
Just out of reach of the weasels lined
Up at the base gazing longingly,
Lovingly, lingeringly at
What they know resides within.
Just out of their reach.

Polly Robinson 2013

Here's a pic of a weasel especially for Jamie ... they are slinky little critters ...

Here’s a pic of a weasel especially for Jamie … they are slinky little critters …


21 thoughts on “Weasels and Turkey

  1. Did you actually see the little stinkers drooling?


  2. heh-heh … G’s invention … at least, we think it was an invention *quizzical* 😉


  3. Teasing vermin are we Polly?


  4. oh my…i guess you did well with wrapping that turkey carefully…smiles


  5. A giggle-and-a-half. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen a weasel – at least not the animal kind.


  6. Oh, they are darling. I’m in love! Thank you …


  7. The one in your picture looks deceptively cute! Nice, playful touches in the poem Polly – I like this one very much.


    • Yes, he is quite appealing ~ I have to admit I quite like them … I surprised one in our garage once and can still see the surprise in the snapped back head, an instant of thought as it looked at me, and the quiet, quick exit … it’s body truly was slinky ~ amazing.

      Glad you liked it, Holly 🙂


  8. Aw fantastic – I’m surprised that they didn’t find an inventive way of getting to them – they are quite acrobatic little things!


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