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Mindful Writing Challenge ~ January 2013 ~ Small Stone 18



Day 18

Delectable decadence: eating Christmas chocolates, strawberry and orange crèmes, Turkish delight, at 8am.

Polly Robinson © 2013


Chocolate (Photo credit: EuroMagic)


19 thoughts on “Mindful Writing Challenge ~ January 2013 ~ Small Stone 18

  1. Ha ha! I hear you and am guilty of the same.


  2. Oh, please don’t mention Turkish Delight around me! 🙂


  3. Turkish delights rocks!


  4. I’ down for a taste of all! Lets GO!


  5. I’ve always heard of Turkish Delight (mainly from C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe), but I’ve never seen it anywhere here in the States. What sort of sweet is it?


    • It’s a sort of jelly with a very distinctive flavour … as the name suggests, it originates in Turkey. We have a version in the UK made by Fry’s that is covered in chocolate, very nice, and they’re often that way in boxes of mixed chocs, like the one featured at the top of the blog.

      The ones made by Lings, which are probably closer to the original, are covered in icing sugar. Wikipedia can tell you more, David, here’s the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_delight


  6. Save me a strawberry creme 😉


  7. Anytime of day – is good for quality chocolate … my preference (other than artistic versions) are with caramels and/or nuts. YUM


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