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Sonnet: Malvern Hills


I think of feet tramping and treading waved hills,
of stories, songs and poems stone tracks inspire,
of creatures great and small that shout and trill,
of men and myths of monsters, faeries, giants.
A million years and more, they’ve stood to brood,
a vale eruption, ridgebacked, raw and proud,
they beckon, call upon us to intrude,
and haunting bluebell oceans trumpet loud.
Yet when I climb those verdant slopes once more,
to see the valleys spread out far below,
t’will be like searching for an ancient shore,
that seeing through a spyglass cannot show,

the light and shade illuminated when
my eyes are dim and I shan’t come again.

Polly Stretton Β© 2013

Posting on dVerse poets for Open Link Night with Brian, Week 80.

Malvern Hills: Bluebell wood

Malvern Hills: Bluebell wood (Photo credit: English Journeys)


41 thoughts on “Sonnet: Malvern Hills

  1. Very Wordsworthian (with a bit of Blake thrown in for good measure). Bluebells is the thing I miss most about England – it’s just the most glorious show. Flashes of blue through the forest.


  2. Very Irish….:)


  3. I like the final line. It can be humbling to live amongst grandeur.


  4. You do write about nature so well Polly.


  5. So very atmospheric!
    Fabulous πŸ™‚


  6. All of the above, but for me it;s the word “spyglass”. You just don’t see words like spyglass in poems anymore.


  7. a beautiful sonnet, Polly.


  8. i felt a mystery hidden between your lines…. a story within the story, perhaps


  9. oh very nice..a lovely sonnet…i oft think when i am out of the stories that graced these hills before me and my country is young and does not have the same history as say europe…oh to visit there and walk with the old stories….


    • If only the stones and rocks would tell of their secrets and the earth give up its mysteries … But then, would our world be such a curious place?

      Thanks for your thoughts, Brian πŸ™‚


  10. A lovely sight, I’m sure.


  11. oh how beautiful, how wonderful it’s to get lost in nature and imagine all who walked the same earth…just loved this one!


    • That’s the exact feeling …. I would find it impossible to walk those hills and not think about those who came before and will come after.

      Thanks for commenting, pleased to see you enjoyed the sonnet πŸ™‚


  12. I got a sort of storybook feeling here. Nicely done.


  13. nice…i like how you mix the ancient history and saga with the personal here…well done..and the form works so good as well with the topic


  14. …anything that talks about nature is always pleasing to me… a solid sonnet… smiles…


  15. Your beautiful sonnet has made me feel nostalgic for the Malvern Hills and most of all a bluebell wood.


  16. Beautiful – the poem and the hills.


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