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Balloonrace.com—The Internet Balloon Race


Have you ever joined in a virtual balloon race? Try it now!

My Rotary eClub are raising funds to help the heart foundation—have fun for just a couple of quid ~ that’s a little more than 3 dollars for my American friends—cheap as chips and just as wonderful—c’mon, give it a go before it’s too late! 🙂

The hub’s balloons, both called ‘2020zoom’ are in 2nd and 35th place at the time of writing, while my balloon’s ‘Girl’s Got Rhythm’ and ‘Tekkers’ lag behind in 216th and 61st place respectively—heh-heh 😀

The race ends and the winner will be announced in 23 days time.

Keep up with the fun here: Balloonrace.com – The Internet Balloon Race

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3 thoughts on “Balloonrace.com—The Internet Balloon Race

  1. I have never heard of this before! COOL!!!


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