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Forms of Fae



Solitary fae of lake, bog or tree,
are not trooping fae
with the power to be free
to feast, hunt and dance
to hold court with cheer.

The solitary faeries hold
mortals in fear,
they pinch, prod and prick
ridicule, jeer.
Irksome creatures, they smirk and sneer.

Polly Robinson © 2013


15 thoughts on “Forms of Fae

  1. Fabulous poem and artwork – we share the same view on those malicious fae!


    • heh-heh … don’t we just love ’em? 🙂

      Is all well with you Alex, you’ve not been around quite so much for a while …


      • Hi Polly – Yes I am fine – I have been recovering from bubonic man flu and at the same time sorting out the final bits for ‘THE BOOK’! I’m sorting all the twiddly bits, like page numbers, and triple proof reading! Hopefully normal service should be resumed soon!

        Thanks for noticing my absence – it makes me feel special or infamous, not sure which he he!


        • Ah, the plague … yes, that is a nuisance (!) Good to see ‘THE BOOK’ is in its final stages.

          Yep, you’re right, you’re ‘er … notorious!!! 🙂 *giggles* ((hugs)) 🙂


  2. Good one Polly! I have heard the trooping Fae can cause some serious mischief themselves when they want to.


  3. Did you do that drawing?


    • I didn’t ~ wish I had, Robin!

      When I first found it, over a year ago, I managed to trace the artist and wrote for permission to use it, I got no response. I no longer have that email and can’t find the artist now.

      If anyone knows who it is I’d love that info. The only thing I have is their location, which gives me a bit of security against false claims.

      Why d’you ask, Robin?


  4. ha..i second k.’s comment…watch out…they don’t sound like creatures that it is fun to mess with…smiles


  5. And what would this world be without the wee folk? I shudder to think! 🙂


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