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If you want to LinkOut
For a while,
Not Facebook but Faceless
For a time,
Time to gird your skirts like
Gibson in that Scots film …
You know the one,

Polly Robinson © 2013


12 thoughts on “LinkOut

  1. Good one! Does this concern the recent silence of your blog?


    • heh-heh … I guess it must have been on my mind, but a hectic period in ‘the day job’ which coincided with other stuff has made it tricky to keep up with everything .. I hope to be back to normal soon.

      Nice to feel missed, though 😉


  2. Such is life at times… Braveheart! 🙂


  3. Polly, my absences are usually the result of too many marbles in my brain, causing a racket and erasing the wrinkles…!

    I loved this poem. Even with the mention of El Gibson, for whom I have little love… I was thinking not only of “girding my skirts” but considering mooning as well. Anyone game? Ha ha Amy


  4. It certainly does take a braveheart Polly. I got off FB oh well over a year ago… thought I’d miss out but after a while my friends contacted me the old fashioned way on the telephone and bingo…we were actually having a conversation. So far haven’t gone back. Anyway a poignant poem for our time!


    • Thanks Di – found it quite cathartic to delete the LinkedIn account recently … a friend has a poem about it, she calls it a horror poem, it’s about a particular profile and ends with the line ‘and I’m a great communicator’ (or similar). It is soooooo funny. Who knew social media could be a source of such hilarity?


  5. Braveheart! Good one, Polly! 😉 As you know, I stopped FB two years ago, never Tweeted, never LinkedIn, rarely email these days, took an extended blogging break. Just can’t handle it all. Good to catch up with your site tho! 😀 Have missed you! And if not for blogging we’d never have met …


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