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Hey everyone! Alex has got her first anthology out ‘Tipping Sheep (the right way)’ it will be a goodie – mine’s on order 🙂

Worldly Winds

It is finally here!!

Here is your opportunity to buy my first anthology – Tipping Sheep (the right way)

It is as ‘cheap as chips’ – well… as cheap as an Easter Egg – Go on treat yourself!!

(The Kindle version is still in progress – I will paste the links for the e-book version soon.)


‘Tipping Sheep (the right way)’ is the first anthology from new author Alexandra Carr-Malcolm. This is an intriguing compilation of poems, spanning over a ten year period of collected works. ‘Tipping Sheep’ will take you on a journey of highs and lows, exploring life, death, and many aspects of the human predicament. From the depths of ‘Bittersweet’ despair, to the humour of ‘Tipping Sheep’ and the musing of ‘Knitting Couplets’. Alex has a unique style of word play and cadence within the lines woven with wit and wisdom.



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  1. Cheers to Alex! 🙂


  2. Thanks guys 🙂


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