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Adam’s First Wife


napo2013button1My poem of the day for Napowrimo ~ a rewrite of a poem on a topic that fascinates me: Lilith, Adam’s first wife.

John Collier- Lilith - detail

John Collier – Lilith – detail

Lilith – Lilith – Lilith
the serpents hiss ‘sssss’ … ‘sssss.’
Sweet Arabic night,
disease-bearing sprite,
She-demon … ‘sssss.’

She’s a maiden demon,
Adam’s first wife,
created from the same earth
as Adam in life

–not from a rib–

This is no Eve.

She says: ‘I will not lie below.’

Lilith – Lilith – Lilith says ‘sssss,’
‘We are equal
‘we are created from
‘the earth.’
Lilit an Ancient Israelite,
red hair streaming, body gleaming,
before 700 BCE.
Her story not history.
Few would believe
she left him,
[from words writ by men.]

Lilith – Lilith
subservience, ‘No.’

Lilith –
Do you not have the
merest inkling
that men will not permit a
return to Eden?
You mated with archangel Samael

And were sacrificed.

They say you
appear to men in
erotic dreams
that you interfere with
sleeping women and
prey upon children.


Man is no good alone,
Lilith –
do not divorce him.

You have friends in lions,
the desert,
storms and disease.

Rumour says you cannot
copulate normally.
So ..?

Lilith – Lilith – Lilith
beautiful maiden, no milk
in your breasts,
unable to bear children.

They say
you are Lamashtu,
daughter of the sky-god.
The space
between your legs
a scorpion, lion-headed.
suckled by pigs and dogs.
A sacred goddess.

Handmaid of Inanna.
Such contradictions.
In the Book of Isaiah,
listed with eight unclean animals.
Your nobles will be no more,
no kings proclaimed.
Your princes will be gone,
your fortress overgrown
with thorns, thistles and briars.
Lilith, with
jackals and wildcats, ostriches,
there is
a place to rest.

Spirits gather.
The hoot owl nests,
lays eggs, the kites
assemble with mates,
You, Lilith, are to
dwell there generation
to generation.

Lilith – Lilith ~ Lilith
goddess of the night.
The satyr cries to his fellow;
the Megascops screeches yet finds rest.
Dead Sea Scrolls proclaim
in Songs of the Sage
magnificent splendour.
Looming, ghastly ghouls of
destroying seraphs,
spirits of the bastards,
devils derange your sleep.

Lilith, howlers,
those who fall upon men
without warning
and lead them astray,
make their heart desolate
in the dominion of evil cause
this time of
There will be guilt for ages
plagued by iniquity,
an era of humiliation,

The house sinks down to
death, leads
to the shades.
Go to Lilith and you
cannot return, you
will never refind your life path.
Her gates lead to death.
She sets out to
No-one who enters
ever returns.

–all who possess her will descend to the Pit–

The Pit.

They give them amulets
to ward off her power.
They are inscribed,
placed around the necks of boys,
protection from the lilin
until circumcision. There are
three angels:
Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof
on each charm.

The concept of Eve’s predecessor
is not exclusive
to the Alphabet,
is not a new notion, it
is found in Genesis Rabbah.

the idea that Lilith,
Lilith – Lilith – Lilith
was the predecessor
the predecess‘sssss’or, is
exclusive to the Alphabet.
Genesis and its dual
creation accounts tell of the wife
before Eve, Adam’s life
before Eve.

But what of Adam? I hear you say …
He lived countless years,

countless ‘sssss’ years,
begot a son in his own likeness,
and saw that through him death was
ordained as punishment.
Years spent fasting,
connection with wife
severed, he
wore clothes of fig on his
body for a
hundred and thirty years.

Lilith – Lilith – Lilith
In the minds of the ignorant
you turn wine into vinegar, cause
men to be impotent,
women to be unable to give birth,
it is you, Lilith,
blamed for the loss of infant life.

‘So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God created he him;
male and female created he them.’

Lilith – Lilith – Lilith
the serpents hiss ‘sssss’ … ‘sssss.’

Polly Robinson © 2013


19 thoughts on “Adam’s First Wife

  1. What a remarkable piece of work, Polly! Wonderful.


  2. Fantastic! A truly epic poem!


  3. Wow what a poem Polly! I felt like I was watching a movie 🙂


  4. Stunning, epic, masterpiece – I loved this the first time around, like a full bodied red, it just gets richer on each read 🙂


  5. Polly, I was going crazy trying to find this poem–knew you had written it, loved it, and wanted to read it again! Thanks for reposting.


    • Wow! Thanks Susan. I took it down from my blog some time ago as I knew it needed some work. It’s taken me this long to do this revision. I really appreciate your comments, thank you.


  6. Reblogged this on Susan Daniels Poetry and commented:
    This is a rewrite of a poem Polly wrote that I fell in love with over the summer. Have to share it with all of you.


  7. Thank you for the amazing poetry. Lilith is my favorite woman in myth and story. I like the storyline and the tale.


    • John, how extraordinary … I love the myth / story too and find it eternally fascinating … good to find you’re a kindred spirit – there seems such a rich seam to be uncovered that I think this poem may never be ‘finished’ – for sure you’ll know what I mean 🙂


  8. All I can say is wow. Yes.


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