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Little Venice ~ LV


As Little Venice, the venue for Parole Parlate, one of Worcester UK’s spoken word event venues, closes, here’s my tribute to them with a peek into the future.

Little Venice – LV

Little Venice, LV,
tell us, just how can it be
that you are going, leaving town?
We’ve shed a tear; were really down,
to hear that you will close.

Reading out loud, many a career
has started and continued here.
LV’s sold us Peroni beer,
sent us home full of good cheer.
‘The end of an era’
has been said [not that we’re ever cliché led!]

Our new place will be The Old Rec,
Parole Parlate to bedeck
their upper floors as we did yours,
this has given us all pause … for thought.

We’ll meet there from May this year.
Hope they have Peroni beer!

Polly Robinson © 2013

Peroni Nastro Azzurro Bierra Superiore

Peroni Nastro Azzurro Bierra Superiore (Photo credit: Tuaussi)


7 thoughts on “Little Venice ~ LV

  1. Oh, Polly, why did it close? It’s always a shame when a venue chockablock with wonderful memories goes by the wayside. Happens in the States all the time, because Americans are fickle…

    Thanks for letting us in on the memories. Also, I’ll let me friend Steve Peroni know there’s a beer named for him. We’ll try to get him some in Madison, home of a thousand beers, including microbrews.

    I do wish everyone luck on Spoken Word in a new venue. Good poetry and prose, real aloud, sink into the walls of a hall just as instruments take in the soul of a great player… Peace, Amy


  2. Little Venice is the latest in a number of shops / restaurants to close because of the hike in rent / rates for commercial premises in the UK. Well, Amy, that’s one of the reasons … in my experience there are always other things that ‘go into the pot’ when the decision to close a venue is taken. All at Parole Parlate (Spoken Word) are very sad to see it go – but – onwards and upwards – the organisers have found us a great new venue in The Old Rectifying House by the river 🙂

    heh-heh re Steve Peroni – a good Italian beer – we love it! Let me know if you find some over there.

    Thank you for your good wishes, I shall pass them on ~ Polly x


  3. Sounds like a cool new venue for your group. May they prosper.


  4. Aw, nice to read this again after last night’s final hoorah at Little V. *sniff*


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