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Raku Fox


We are prompted to write a cinquain on this, the fifth day of NaPoWriMo. A cinquain is a poem that employs stanzas with five lines. Each line has a certain number of accented or stressed syllables, and a certain number of overall syllables per line.

The wonderfully named American, Adelaide Crapsey created the “American” cinquain, a form in which the number of stresses per line is 1-2-3-4-1, and the number of syllables is 2-4-6-8-2. So the first line would have two syllables, one stressed and one unstressed. The second line would have four syllables, two of which are stressed, and so on.

Here is my cinquain for Day Five:

Raku Fox

Raku Fox

Raku Fox

ceramic hares,
and fox, who hides behind
the TV in the corner, peeks
and grins.

Polly Robinson © 2013


Here’s a little info about Raku ceramic making:


13 thoughts on “Raku Fox

  1. Never heard of a raku but I do like the idea of a raku fox!


  2. Darn it! I love cinquains. OK, doing this one today!


  3. Ooh, I love that style. Almost as much as I love the name Crapsey…


  4. I love cinquains. Nicely done Polly 🙂


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