Writings and Witterings



He knew.
He thought he knew, there would be
It opened up,
a black hole with white frosted spikes.
He did not witness
the evil taste, the smell
of the tainted
Instead, external aggression by
ships dragging anchors.

‘There’s more than one way,’
they said,
‘this is not a mirage.
‘Wait, it cannot be avoided.
‘excuses will be exposed.’
‘The present determines the future, but
the approximate present does not
approximately determine the future.’
‘Your time may come
‘to witness sabotage.’


Polly Robinson 2013


8 thoughts on “Sabotage

  1. Oh, this has such a different tone to it from your usual, but I like it lots.


    • Ooh, an intriguing remark 🙂

      Glad you like it …


      • Hee, hee. You are my magical, whimsical,potent poetry pal, and here you have gone all realism–and it works, madam of many voices 😉


        • heh-heh … loving the description 😀

          ‘Sabotage’ is a poem that’s been bubbling away in my mind for a while and finally today I found an article that ‘fit’ – heh-heh ‘madam of many voices’, rearrange this famous phrase or saying ‘kettle, pot, black’ *glee*

          My next challenge is to attempt something for Napowrimo, interesting prompt today … see you’ve already cracked it!


  2. Quite edgy – I like 🙂


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